Sunday, November 2, 2008

Technology and Warfare

Technology can affect warfare a lot. The result of a war depends mostly on the scale of the armament. People can't improve armament without technology. Sometimes when technology improves, people can find a new way to make a new kind of armament.
Warfare can also affect techonology. For warfare, people have to have better armament to beat enemy. So they will try to make advances on technology. At the same, warfare causes invalids. people need some faster and more convenient ways to save them. So iatrology is improved.
China, Korea and Japan were beaten by wester countries because they didn't have cannons. America made Japan surrender because they had A-bomb.
And since World War II, radar started to be used and developed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The value of reading Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales was written in the middle age. And it has many old words in it. I don't understand well when I read it alone. But when I read the Canterbury Tales in class with group, we understand it and explain it together. This way helps me a lot.
The biggest value I got from the Canterbury Tales is that I learnt some culture in the middle age. Like the Wife of Bath let me know that people in the middle age also read the bible. And a woman could have as many husbands as she wanted (so did men). The people were inmoral and kind of apartness. It makes me feel that we should thank for the life we have now.
I think the students next year should also read the Canterbury Tales. Although there are some bad thing in it, it's still an important part in the world of the literature. And if the teacher can lead students to judge which is good and which is bad, students will not affected with the bad part. Instead, they will understand the book more.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

different kinds of people in Utah

We've talked about classes in the society on socratic seminar. And I want to say about it as a foreigner.

The L.D.S--In Utah, the L.D.S may be the largest group. They don't drink coffee and tea, go to their church every Sunday without breakfast; they believe family can be together forever and usually have a "huge" family, which has a lot of kids; they regard the family an important part of their life; they hardly go to Walmart or other place cost money on Sunday......They always like talking to you about their religion.

Housemakers--If women have a lot of kids, they have to take care of the kids. So many women in Utah give up the work and become the housemaker, although many of them are educated well and have been to the college.

Babysitter--Another problem from is that when parents have something to do outside and they can't take all the lids with them( sometimes when it is a special meeting in the church or the tample, they can't take any kids), the kids have to be leave at home. So they need babysitters who are always their neighbors.

Gum lovers--Amost all the people like the gum (including the bubble gum)! I didn't know people can put the gum into the sucker before I came to America. Wherever I go, I can always see the "chewing people", who are gum lover. If you don't see anyone chewing the gum today, I'm sure you are at home all day without coming out...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

something about Taiwan

I’m sad to know that most American don’t know Taiwan is a part of China, which should be a general knowledge in this world, though Mr Bush always "believes" that.

Chinese culture had been brought to Taiwan since Old Stone Age. Then, at the Yuan dynasty, the Chinese government was established in Taiwan. So more and more Chinese from main land China moved to Taiwan province and share experience with original inhabitants.

After the Meiji Restoration, Japan became stronger. It launched a war of aggression against Taiwan province. The next year, as a result of defeat, the Qing government, which was corrupt and incompetent, was forced to sign the Treaty of Shimonoseki, ceding Taiwan to Japan.

During the occupancy in Taiwan, Japan implemented colonialism in Taiwan. And Japanese believed that the best way to conquer a nation is to make Japanese culture take place Chinese culture. So they started “Kominka”, which means enslaving education, in Taiwan. Here’re some examples during that time:

*Stop speaking Chinese. Schools must teach Japanese instead of Chinese. Students who speak Chinese in school were often beaten. If a student didn’t speak Japanese, he must have a sign on his back which had “I’m ashamed!”on it.

*Change Chinese names to Japanese names.

*People musn’t commemorate their ancestors and must stop all the activities about this.

*Chinese (Taiwan) students studied in the public school while Japanese students studied in the private school. Only students who always speak Japanese and took part in the campaign which was for Japanese could go to the private school.

*Every day before school, students had to say enslaving slogan.

*Stop Chinese drama and traditional shows.

*Japanese called peanut “Nanjing nut” and told children if they conquered Nanjing City, they could eat peanut as much as they want.In this way, Japanese made these people became their slaves and made these people serve the war which aggressed on China.

*Japan made opium legitimate in Taiwan that many people died because of opium. At that time, opium’ income made up 46.3 percent of the total income in Taiwan.


Although people used to be very angry, this kind of education seemed to be very successful that even now, there’re many young people in Taiwan still want to be Japanese and they love Japan so much. And Japan, after 1945, the year Taiwan was returned to China, still wanted Taiwan. So Japanese patrol ships still stay in Diaoyu Islands, which belong to China.

Now in Taiwan, there are many parties. Last government and nowadays’ government was leaded by two different parties. Last ruling party, DPP, wants to separate Taiwan from China. But the new government leaded by KMT, is much better, although they neither unify nor separate. And since they rule Taiwan, people live in main land China are able to travel in Taiwan, which was impossible when DPP ruled before. I believe Taiwan and main land China will be unified soon if we keep on communicating, as people in both main land China and Taiwan Island’s hope.

story but true--connected from a place

Now, I’m setting on the couch, missing the other side of the earth, my hometown.. In my community, you can have your own parking place if you pay for it. My father has a parking place beside our apartment. One day, when he finished his work and wanted to park his car, he found a car already parked in our parking place. My father was very angry because he couldn’t park his car. So he called the security in our community to deal with this problem. The security said it wasn’t a car in our community, the owner must be a visitor. To find the owner, the security had to ask whose car was that with a loudspeaker under every apartment. But nobody answered. My father had to park his car outside our community and walk home. We never did find out whose car it was because the car was gone the next morning.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Islam And China

In 651, Arabia dispatched some messengers to China and tributed to China. At the same time, more and more businessmen and tourists from Arabia and Persian came to China. With the permission of emperors, most of them got married with Chinese and they settled down in many different parts of China. People who came from the Silk Road went to the Capital of ancient China; people who came from the Maritime Silk Road went to littoral. And they still lived in their own habits. Since then, Islam was introduced into China. Many mosques were built by the place they lived. And once some Arabian soldiers were asked to come to China and beat a rebel force for the Chinese emperor.

Mohammed had said something to encourage his people to learn Chinese civilization as their example. So they brought many great inventions of ancient China(such as paper making skill, powder, typography and compass) back to Western country. Also, many Chinese Muslims brought Arabic achievements in medical, astronomy, math to China.

There was a famous Chinese navigator called Zheng He. He was a Muslim who was appointed by the emperor to launch out to other countries in west Asia and Africa and introduce Chinese culture and achievement. It's amazing that they had so many ships and had traveled for so far. He went there not only introduced the Chinese culture, but also helped other Chinese Muslims learn more about Islam.

There are many mosques in China. The Muslim engineers knew a lot about ancient Chinese architecture. So these mosques both have Chinese characteristic and Arabian style. They are really different from mosques in America.

Nowadays, there are 10 minority nationalities in China which believe in Islam. More than 20,000,000 Chinese are Muslim. And most of them are Sunni.

My Fairy Tale

Meng Jiang Wailed the Great Wall
Two hundred years ago, there were two poor families in ancient China. One was the Meng family and the other was the Jiang family. They hated each other although nobody knew the reason. To show their hatred, a fence had separated the two families’ yards for years.

One day, the wind blew a seed into Meng’s yard. The seed landed in fertile soil and it sprouted in the shining sun. It grew larger and larger. At last, the plant grew through the fence and got into Jiang’s yard. Mr Meng and Mr Jiang saw it, but said nothing, until one day that plant bore a huge gourd in Jiang’s yard.

Mr Jiang called Mr Meng to his house to discuss how to deal with this huge fruit because it was from Mr Meng’s yard.

After talking for some time, they both found the other person to be much better than they had thought before. “He is a nice man. We can be good neighbors!” Mr Jiang said to himself, and Mr Meng felt the same. Finally, they decided to cut the gourd in two halves. To their surprise, when they cut it carefully, they found there was a really beautiful girl sitting in the gourd.

Mr Meng and Mr Jiang liked her very much, not only because she was beautiful, but also because she had helped them become good friends. She became Mr Meng’s daughter because Mr Jiang already had a son. And she had an interesting name, called “Meng Jiang”.

Day by day, year by year, Meng Jiang grew up to a beautiful lady. She and Mr Jiang’s son, Wan, fell in love with each other. And they got married before long. Every day, Wan worked on the farm and Meng Jiang spun and wove at home. Their life was poor but happy and serene.

Then bad news destroyed everything. All the strong and healthy men had to go far away from home and build the Great Wall. Meng Jiang was so upset. She couldn’t see her husband for many years.

Wan went away. The command from the emperor couldn’t be ignored. Meng Jiang didn’t know if she would ever see her husband again.

Several years passed yet Meng Jiang still loved her husband deeply. She got the news of Wan’s death while she was weaving at home. It was such a shock for her that she passed out at once. When she woke up, she decided to set out and look for Wan’s body. All she could think about was to bring her husband home and bury him well.

To get to the Great Wall, Meng Jiang walked for 5 months, traveled by boat on a big river for 3 months, and climbed many mountains. She was too poor to buy enough food, so she had to pick up wild berries to keep from starving.

After suffering all kinds of hardships, Meng Jiang finally got onto the Great Wall. But she was told that Wan’s body was under the big heavy stones which made up the Great Wall.

Meng Jiang was devastated because she was not able to bring her husband’s body home. She wailed bitterly for 10 days and 10 nights. The trees shook violently, the birds lingered and cried in the sky for a long time, the wind blew the sands and stones…… It seemed that the whole world was sad.

Then, a miracle happened. The Great Wall built itself! In an hour, all of the hard work was done! People were surprised and really happy because they didn’t need to do the hard work any more.

Meng Jiang became a heroine. People were obliged to her for her help. They gave her many things and helped her spend the rest of life happily.